You never really realize how blessed you are unless you sit down and think. Just sit and think. I bet if you broke down every beautiful thing you have in your life from healthy skin, to a beating heart it would never end. Every time i blink my eyes, i turn on a light with my finger, or move any body part try and be grateful.

We take so many things for granted now a days. We complain so much about how we wish we had a nicer car or a spacious home with a swimming pool or nicer clothes but we never look to what we are truly blessed with. Look around you, to the side and up and down. You have eyes, how beautiful. You are able to look around you and process and think. A pair of Ears, a Nose, a Mouth, how beautiful. We complain everyday about how life sucks because our parents wont let us go out or because we are drowned with work or chores but we never really sit down and appreciate these things.

I saw a man today who had one arm. He walked out of his car at a gas station to go and get two cups of coffee for the other woman that he was with. He came back with one cup of coffee with a cup hidden under it. The woman that was with him, it could have been a sister or a wife took the cup and placed it on the hood of the car. She poured half the coffee into the other cup that he brought from inside of the gas station. They smiled at each other and she gave him a hug but he could only hug with one arm. The man can’t even give a full hug and hugs are free. My car had been filled up and the weather was about 80 degrees but I got shivers through my body. I wanted to tear because i realized how we as humans don’t appreciate what we have.

You need to cherish every moment you have when you are complete. When you hug, hug like its like the last time that you will see that person or the last time that you will have arms. Before you walk out of your house, tell all the people that are around you how much you love them and how much they mean to you. In that goes for anything in life, every time you move a muscle or your eyes or even think, imagine how blessed you are. When you care for someone that means something to you, care like they wont be here tomorrow. When you love someone, love them deeper than depths of the ocean floor. When you pray for someone, pray like they are standing right next to you. Always appreciate, Alhumdulillah.