Beautiful eyes

A glance, body of lies

Burns inside, fresh wood in fire

Conversation, rolling tires

A wolf, a sheep

Talking and whispering, not deep

Mended, no different than twine

Tick Tock, lost time

Suckled, nursed on, thrown away

Bottle number twelve, floating in a bay

The water flows more peaceful than the wine

Holy, refreshing, and truly divine

Smooth flow, garden of Adam and Eve

No roots, a lost leaf

Floating a midst air, a peace of mind

Landing in hands, veritably sublime

Undisposed creation, a frankenstein

Frenzied and out of control, words of destruction

Problems spread about, several obstructions

Her curiosity works to understand her creator

Not knowing why he decided to bait her

A monster that was reeled in, getting thrown back in the sea

Never a chance to talk over tea

Understood through games and tricks

Nothing more nothing less

Less understanding, the more of a guess

Broken away, thrown stones and sticks

A scientist, taming his creation

Time only works against him, but he still finds elation