He is the most gracious, the most merciful

The darker we are, the more we pay for the tolls

When we die our soul rises up to the sky

Looking face to face without a suit and a tie

Opening our heart to know who we were

Knowing exactly what we did and why certain things did occur

Our lies will not be accepted by our great lord

He is almighty, heaven held like a hoard

One of luxuries and beautiful scents

On that day it will be too late to repent

Representing all fifty two virtues

Judging man no different, Muslims, Christians, or Jews

All brothers and sisters of Adam our Prophet

Many hoping their good deeds are high like a rocket

A healthy soul smells good and a bad foul

Those who burn in the hell fire will surely howl

Scream and be punished with all of the devils

For ignoring the books of truth through being a rebel

But the Almighty is full of justice and generosity

Forgiving those who’s hearts were full of atrocity

Follow the books and look up to the heavens

As you may soon see the righteous between one and seven