The weights gripped in my hand like a hammer

No different than a blacksmith or steel maker

Boiling up my body I am no different than a baker

Sweat down my face, nervous for this great test

The veins popping out of my arms and hands

Ripping open my chest

My back expands like a butterfly

The feeling in my body like my skin is on fire

Breaking out of my cocoon, wings ready to fly

My mouth moving so steady speaking numbers

Heart stopping and starting, like a superhero

Curling and moving like I’m carrying lumber

I feel an ‘S’ on my chest like I’m superman

My shirt ripping apart the harder the set

Seeing my competitors I am truly better than the rest

With work, comes pain and this is a calling

Unable to stop, this is why I was born

This passion for training has become a part of me

Finally have flown but now I’m a bee

Building my nest and creating my hive

Soon becoming the Queen, it is my destiny

Reborn again, the old washed way the new alive