The queue such a follower of the double, yes you

Having a picnic after the ER

Laying softly having tea, but why?

So genial a time, just you and I

Bladder so small, delicate little pea

Aiming like an A student

An ‘S’, superman flying over the sea

In love with a girl, rather a lady

Enjoying one for their flaws is the noblest a cause,

Eff, don’t look back to the left look to the gee

A brilliant man, name starts with an H

Spreading his wings, a blue jay flying away

Side by side with his brothers, everything is ok

Landing on a tree, near sap and gel

Twig shaped ‘z’, on a tree marked x

It certainly marks the spot, 2000 B.C.

The number five found directly aside

Bees all about, practicing Zen

Covering a treasure

It ends with a gem

One used to find, a search


Found around the birch