I am poor and weak
Servile and submissive
To your way of life
Boundaries and rules
Set within, like marble columns
Walking on dirt
But asked to cleanse
To be enjoyable to your eyes
Walking on dirt
But i prefer to walk on ivory
My preference is my class
A class defined by character
Not one of valuable items
But expensive ideas and thoughts
I walk thousands of miles
Across the earth
Gazing upon the stars
Flying to the moon
Basking in the sun
Laying amongst the rocks
Drifting to the rhythm of the ocean
Capable of communicating any time
Not through a shaikh, a priest, or a rabbi
Through myself
My heart like a clear glass vase
Shattered easily
Only standing as a show for others
But in reality, empty inside
Knowing that you may shake the earth
Any minute, my design in pieces
To find these pieces and understand life
Ah yes, a righteous puzzle
Once put together, creating you
Every part, a virtue
Colors amongst colors
The universe and man
So colorful
Yet so absent of color
Absorbing all the beauty in this life
Creating a solemn picture
One to gaze upon like a mirror
Looking upon it I see myself
Only from the perspective of the human eye
What does the sun see? or the moon? or the birds?
Delightful, every creation capable of a gaze
Perhaps, maybe a glimpse of reality
Maybe this is all a dream
Pictures within pictures
The calling of your name, praised
Five times a day
In a lifetime, only to see this picture once
To stand before this mirror once
Some do not even posses this opportunity
A mirror stands before me, shattered
Faces distorted
Mended in demented ways
Every shattered line like fractures
Hurt in the world everyday
In hopes of one day, this naked mirror
Standing before me
As I will stand before you
Bowing to my thoughts
Kneeling to my prayers
Reflecting those impure thoughts
To see as you see and to hear as you hear
A moment in time, in life or a dream
Unable to look, fearful of you
Coming to understand
Like the absence of color
A nature so poor, weak and servile