A man is born, fatherless
Amongst the people, not above them
Below him, mud
Substance in which he is created
Certainly, man is of the best form
Truth stricken in his heart
Words flowing like a serene waterfall
Full of vigorous truth, like a diamond
Flawless and crystal clear
Every cut a virtue, polished and brilliant
But carrying a heavy weight
Bringing down those who can not bear
Purifying those who accept it
The sun and moon shine both day and night
Glowing faces of believers, followers
Yet shepherds of a greater crowd
One to come to deny the message
Only to throw it in a bottle and ignore its value
Disposed, traveling in that water
That once purified their ancestors
Only to see that they have denied, Forgotten
The world will turn on them, like a switch
Blinding light in the eyes of a sleeper
Wake, your time has come
They will cover their faces, hidden hearts
Knowing the truth of their character
Shivering and cold
Never knowing that the message brought about
A warmth, that of white love
The only indicator of the one
Indeed, the one of good character.