Cloaked like a guardian dressed in white
Sinners around, the purity of one does not suffice
Men conquer men, but do not understand
To live amongst one another is truly noble, a Knight
A rosary lay on the floor
Bead after bead, representing brotherhood
But also, the closeness to our ignorance
Saint and Sinner, one works to teach right
The other, a wraith in the night
White on Black, collision
The moon shine bright in the night sky
Indeed small, to the vast wings it lay within
Yet a light that makes the stars so minuscule
A bright face amongst a dark world
Its crescent, a smile in obsidian
No different than the Saint
Only being able to watch people repeat their mistakes
Imagine, how we gaze upon it night after night
To know of its coming again and again
Still, bad slowly overcoming good
Following, the sun will shine bright
But will we live to see these virtuous knights?