Smile like that of a crescent moon in the night sky
Laugh with all of your breath, like a tornado
May it cause the world to tremble and shake
Hug so that one may feel like a bear in a cave
Hibernated, set away and comforted
Speak the truth humbly, like the fountain of youth
Bringing about an innocence and glow to life
Found only in a drop of honey from the garden of paradise
Love with every last breath, life into a newborn
So pure into a corrupted world full of pythons
Spitting their venom into the hearts of of the noble
Cry softly, drips of water from a leaf, free and cultured
Believe, mountains and glaciers set never knowing of their collapse
Look at how they are raised, in a way of modesty and stature
Remember, as a fish remembers water
Appreciate and accept the glories or misfortunes
Laid upon you, only as a test of your faith
Shine in the finest of character, in the good and the bad
So I may see the sun rise one last time before my dying breath