We all kneel before him in a different way
Through heart and soul, a pro-founded glory
Let me begin by telling a story
Travelers of a land mostly unknown
Leaving home is rarely rejoiced
To be of the young is never a choice
At times we continue to trek, an elevating obsession
To a land of opportunity, freedom, and happiness
A place where you can make your own expression
To enter a new system, one of laws and rules
Later to find out, its corrupted by money and jewels
An education provided better than home
Preparing me for battle, a warrior in a thunder dome
Expectations high impossible to measure
Your best friends are your family, a priceless treasure
Attraction is by your defined character
Only God can see through you
Naked like a sculpture
Roam as they roam, nothing but vultures
Sharks swimming in a sea of dark night
Dwelling in a cave looking for a light
Enjoy the journey not the destination
Judgment Day is near, Answer to Elation
God is all-seeing, you are his most valuable creation.