Hate me or love me
Noone below just completely above me
Wings spread like a dove
Flying sideways is rough
God said, ‘justice is mine’
Mercy please,, I’m running out of time
Go grab it before its too late
I’d rather make moves than exasperate
My mind like a chess piece
I’m going in full attack, no white flag
My position now is better than what I had
Alive is better than dead, a noose
A ring to me is a symbol of truth
Loves Divine, spread it bread and butter
In my heart, we are all brothers
For some blood flows like a severed vein
Sometimes it hit’s the heart
EKG’s climbing hittin’ the chart
Beeping like a hello or a goodbye
Could be your last moment
Make it beautiful not a torment
Words like a storm, water can bless
The whirlwind a symbol of our darkness
Search deep in your soul like never before
And maybe one day you’ll find yourself
Serenity, laying on the most beautiful shore.