I try and stay modest, But I’m rollin deep
Ocean floor, Doing it big, Killer whales
Steady cruisin, smooth sails, Got water under my feet
Makin miracles happen, Throwin down the thunder, Zeus clappin’
Bolts, my times gettin tight, Just keep winnin, knock em out
Turn off your lights, I got the ring on my finger
A jab from the left, one from the right, They call me the stinger
My middle names Ali, I’m gigantic I dont fall
I spring every Summer, A true fighter not a lover
Loves divine, yeah I said it, But its still wrapped in vines
Not everyone gets it, plenty of people still waitin in line
Right person, right place, right time
Midnight hit, Cinderellas chime
Like every woman fragile like glass
I’ll take class over crass
The periods over no more emotion
Tryna make moves like a locomotion
I’ve lost many but ill recoup
Just me and my baby, flyin high in the benz coupe