Lifes taking a toll, I don’t have enough to give
The gate remains closed, Tryna wake from all this
Feelin dosed, glazed like a cupcake
Wipin away my tears like the cream
I’m stuffed I feel petty
Need a hug from my companion
I call her my teddy
Always ready to satisfy, I’m an ordinary guy
Extraordinary would make special
Meaning everybody wouldn’t be on my same level
Different floors but we’re on elevators
My thoughts above that’s why I got so many haters
To hate is easy we all want some love
Perfect color, they easily red
All they want is to be chased, they’re on some bull
Ride or Die, that’s what they all say
To start is harder than to end
All you need in this world is one friend
Pops told  me to choose wise
To be an owl, eyes rollin smooth
They burn after awhile I’m getting tired
Makin moves and doin work is better than gettin fired
Blown up and disposed of, I’m stronger than metal
If you look deep down inside, I’m softer than a rose pedal