I’m surrounded by fools
Wolves circle around
I gotta get back to town
Reclaim my crown
I’m poor but I smile
My companion lay beside me
Soon she will leave
All I need is one friend
To get moving and heave
Lungs are giving out
A few more breaths, no doubt
I need to erupt, I’m not abrupt
Cut in short like some hair
Need to move from this cave to a lair
Hiding all these years
Collecting these tears
Their best use is for passion
Every action is a reaction
My problems, a fraction
Passion is an attraction
Religiously, search and get
Eyes focused never fret
Come close, just a dose
Focus, I’m almost there
Either light or abyss.
Libre, the smell of freedom
A fly on the windows remain trapped
No different from me, should I let him free?
He’s tired and buzzing, almost home
Burning, flames in Rome
Maybe he will become a Caesar
Or collapse on his journey, a seizure
All I know is that good deeds come around
Smiles are more powerful than frowns
At times they may shake the earth and move the moon
The sun will rise from the west and set in the east
All will be rubble, for some will be serious trouble
Pure faces change the world, carrying it on their back
The difference between a smile and a frown
One stay white, the other remain black
Freedom surrounds the bad
The good remain prisoners of this world