The gym is a beacon of light, a safe haven. I have realized it is the best of places to be in times of both peace and turmoil. People will hurt you all of your life but will never give you the kind of pain that you find while training. You will be lied to by the people you care about most but a weight will never let you down. You can train with a weight for hours and the moment you put it down it will still be as honest as when you picked it up. The iron is tough, when you pick it up it wants to help you because it is your best friend, your most valued asset, and your greatest motivation. When it falls and hits the ground it roars like a lion, fueling you with pride and confidence.

Many call it the gym but it is much more preferable to call it ‘the jungle’. It is the home of both complete solitude and complete barbarism. Imagine every emotion infused into one concept, that is the feeling when you are behind the iron. The bars of iron will discipline you in ways unimaginable. If those around you failed at straightening you out, the iron will attempt to do so. You will see yourself as either a fool or a genius because you have either decided to make something of yourself or become a complete a nobody.

When you feel the pain tearing through your muscles nothing in the world matters. There is no worry of money, family, drama, friends, careers, nothing. Its not just the physical pain but the psychological pain that develops you into a real man. Nothing else matters, the greatest pain you will ever bear is never knowing if you could have been great. You may never know unless you face the iron in both circumstances, whether it be in the best of times or the worst of times. The iron will never fail you. Just don’t let it down and it will always help you up. It is your greatest friend.