You’re on my mind like a carousel
Turning, turning, churning my thoughts
I convince myself no ignited feelings in my heart
But it takes a hold of me, gripping me tightly
Like a mother and a newborn baby
Your words, a nectar in my mouth
Replenishing, a nourish to my taste buds
If only you were near, your touch so vital
An essential part to my happiness
The distance, so beautiful yet a true barrier
One I am prepared to cross
Like a boat across an ocean
Gusty winds or broken sails
If i may fall in the water
Let it be clear and sky blue waters
So that I may rest on the elixir of life
Floating away to a place, unfathomable
No matter where I end up
If it may be the last chapter in my book
Let it be known
That I am in the most fulfilling place possible
Deep in warmth
In your welcoming arms