I searched everywhere
The valleys, the rich mountains
Crying for help in the hardest times
Searching for something so surreal
Something out of this world
Searching and searching, I was lost
What I was looking for, didn’t exist
The clouds moved, the sun blazed
Levels high, there must have been a creator
Was man the creator?
All the skyscrapers fascinated me
The worldly people, caught in the moment
I couldn’t be like them
To be a shepherd amongst sheep was a challenge
Rather than tending to my flock I tended to myself
What I was looking for was myself
Through discovery, I found a gem
A diamond in the rough
Found in a cave of wonders
I was the cave, my motives hidden away
How foolish!
I looked to the depths of the ocean
The peaks of the mountain top
Furthest horizons
Only to come back to see myself
Him, Laying beside me
Amongst my thoughts, dreams, and desires
Seeing with his eyes
Hearing with his ears
Feeling with his touch
The cave of wonders was myself
Fueled by his beauty
A supernatural generosity
How gracious a life