I never really understood what beauty was until I met you
The apple of my eye, the fruit of my basket, the blossom of my tree
Life has a completely different meaning when you’re in it
Even through tough times and struggles, the sun still shines because of you
The very thought of knowing you are around makes me better
Stripped of everything I love, you still give life so much meaning
As I lay out looking at the trees and the mountains I now understand
I understand why god created so much beauty
It’s so I could understand the value of someone like you
People search years to find useless things that stimulate their happiness
Others look for worthy things, simple truths and love
The very thought of you is Love
Every word that leaves your mouth is Truth
I’ve always told myself that I wanted to die a passionate man
Dying in passion and for passion
I may have not found my passion but I certainly found you
Truth will appear at the right time
For now I will hold onto love
Maybe in good time it will lead me to the perfect world
And the truth in life that i seek.