The darkest of the days lay within the suffocating soul
A glimpse of hope lay in the hands of the great Lord
Waking moments full of despair and agony
Yet the sun continues to shine every morning
Blessings disguised amongst the tearful raindrops
The call to prayer continues to fuel the thirst for life
He is most gracious, most merciful
And is the only one who understands the sorrows of this life
He says, “Call upon me and I will answer you”
His answer so subtle and so gradual yet it cannot be seen
Human beings born both ungrateful and selfish
Entering this world, crying children
Leaving this world the same, crying and burned out
Except for the fact that they have accomplished something
The finding of their purpose in this strange place
Were they generous and goodly or greedy and deceitful?
Only he knows what truly remained in their hearts
The fact remains that goodness will always triumph over evil
And that evil will always cry in hopes of swallowing all that is righteous
Remember through your sorrows, remains a beautiful eye
An eye that can see the unseen
The forgiving eye that never sleeps yet shines so brightly
The light that shines so bright that it blinds the world
Yet illuminates like a lamp
Bringing forth a new chapter
A new day