He stand over his fathers grave
Imagining him with both his arms crossed
As he lay in pieces, he reads a prayer
Forgiveness is never too late
The beautiful birds flutter around himLike angels removing the burdens of sin
He lay there scared and anxious
The sound of his heart beats pound like war drums
Prepared to die by his mentor, he utter words of silence
He was not ready, his mission on earth not yet complete
The darkness flashes before his eyes
He is lost and incomplete but yet remains hopeful
His head aches with pain
The rush of blood to his head
Adrenaline, his worst enemy but now his best friend
He stands up once more, another lost battle
But tommorow is a new day, the war has just begun
He walks away with a smile
His father comforted and relieved of his pain
The birds flutter away, their duty now done
Their return awaits, a new day begins