The surges of adrenaline runs through the blood
Thoughts jumbled like the flaying shells of a shotgun
Our father, the wisest of men
Control your thoughts as you would a weapon
Do not let it control you for it drives fear into your heart
The very difference between success and failure in this world
To fear or to love
Most of us fear what we do not know
And most certainly love what fulfills us
This life passes us by like a train
A train that carries a cargo of worries and anxiousness
But we are the conductor of this train
Our very hand, on all the operating levers
Thoughts speed up and slow down
The highest yielding emotional roller coaster
When does it all stop?
We didn’t sign up for this train rider
Nor did we do anything to earn this position of train conductor
We were just born into it
Most of us continue to ride out the thoughts
Not because we want to but we have to
In the end, only to realize
That it is the longest ride of our lives
Beneath the tunnels, over the waters
Below the flying birds and the basking sun
It is the most beautiful of rides