The king had chosen him over the rest
He was loyal and confident, certainly the best
An ogrish build, eyes full of passion
The heart of a lion, generous with rations
His struggles began between mind and heart
So miniscule of thoughts, occasionally tore him apart
Scarred as a child, sheltered at home
Dreams of travel throughout Cairo and Rome
A dreamer by day, a lover by night
Continued his path, through glory and blight
One day throughout his travels, he fall off his horse
Only to remember, his old days of regret
Oh, the remorse
Lay upon him a princess, so beautiful and kind
A gem in the sahara, a rarity to find
Countless days of romance and sensual encounters
He questioned the love, had he really found her?
Off to battle he went, for the King and his glory
So much pain and suffering, was this the end of his story
Lay trapped in his thoughts, the most psychotic of hells
He ask for forgiveness, at the sound of the bells
Months and years pass him by
He remain alone and ready to die
The King struggled to set him free, but fell so dearly ill
A change in the weather, the anticipation so much of a thrill
The Greatest of men had fallen, what a pity he felt
Life was unfair, the cards had been dealt
The Knight was stripped of his armor and shield
Darkness continued but still he would not yield
As the days become tougher, the deeper he fell
Those prisoners around him noticed he was not well
Then suddenly one day, a light had shined through
His sincerity to goodness was loving and true
Every Knight has his falling, but always rises once more
The key to happiness may be through a window, not a door
Do not look for the light, sometimes it appears
Through the the darkest of times
Life is difficult, through all the deceit and the lies
But to stand once more, to make your King so proud
Is the true definition of a Knight
Amongst the cheering of a crowd