Most people struggle in life to become a somebody
The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is not to become
But, To be
We are all born with different talents and abilities
Born of purity and virtue
We carry our caravans through the valleys
Above the mountaintops, beneath the horizons
Only to realize that the gold is within us
The trials and tribulations is our heat
It burns us and burns us
Until we become purified
Do not go in search of gold
Rather, look to what you already are
Reminisce of your days as a child
Running around with nothing but your joyful self
Who were you then?
A child of simplicity, or morality
Intelligence or Strength
Or maybe one of emotions
Courage and Nobility
This is your value
A weight not in ounces nor pounds
It carries no tangible figure nor sustenenance
But a value so profound, so grand
Like a code to a vault
The vault may contain nothing but a picture
An old romantic note, or perhaps a vintage letter
But its value is priceless
Look further no more
Dig deep like a dweller in a dark cave
What do you see?