I should make some people laugh
Well, Why not?
It’s all I have left
These ideas that flow out of my mind
Are like serpents in cold waters
My lifes a giant mess
I think I’m crazy
Well I kind of am
Like children at a birthday party
They don’t know what they’re doing here
Running around naked, screaming random stuff
Their faces full of chocolate and ice cream
I can see the clown staring at me
Wait, I feel like a clown
Laughing hysterically
I wander in my mind
Does he actually enjoy his job?
Maybe he does, this is an escape
Anyways, enough about the clown
Lets get back to this birthday party
Hmmm, I see two beautiful moms
They don’t really want to be here either
A distressed dad playing ball with his son
He’s probably thinking
‘Man i really need to get back to the office’
Hmmm who else, lets see
How about that cute puppy?
So many children adored him at first
But after the clown and cake came out
He’s sitting by the door, panting
Waiting for someone to scratch his tummy
And fill up his water bowl
I really need to get out of here
I’m no different from any of the people at this party
The clown is crazy, the parents, the children
Myself included
Hell, even the Dog
He should have just stayed inside with the AC on
So I can see my car, over the fence
Wait that’s not my car
Dude where is my car? Damn it
I think I’ll grab a few cupcakes for my bro’s
Oh no, one of the moms is looking at me
She smiled, oh la la
Alright let me get outta here
Time is of the essence
Back Door, Front Door?
Man, i should have joined a Swat Team
I’m getting good at this
No that’s the basement
That’s the pantry door
Ah ha! Found it
Whoa, is the new Xbox 360?
My ADD is starting to kick in
Focus man, Focus
Let me close my eyes and think
1, 2, 3
Just like Dr. Richards advised
Breathe In, Breathe Out
The anxiety is gone, finally
There’s the entrance
Why did I sign up for this again?
Well, that was interesting.
Back to my normal life