Techno style, got these moves on freestyle
Kick, Slide, Jump, Freeze
Ready, steady, go
Arms to the right, Legs to the left
Moon walk, disco lights blazing
Feeling like an Ant
Crawling all across the floor
Got girls on my back like fresh food
Bam. Lights blinding
I’m straight shining
Vortexes, Colors, Lights
Harmony and Music
Feeling the drift of the Acoustics
As I look around, the curtains open and close
I’m traveling back in time
Its late, the clocks about to chime
Wish mama was hear to see my moves
The Bee Gee’s and grooves
Michael Jackson, flavor and style
Egypt flow, the river Nile
Free your mind, the truth will set you free
Love, Peace, and Music
Perfect Harmony