Am I lucky or unlucky?
I didn’t choose this life
It was merely given to me
But everyday I wake up
I give it another chance
There are so many beautiful things
Beautiful people, left unexplored
When the right time comes
I look to connect, beautiful entities
So many people left to help
Places to visit
My sweet Egypt
When will we meet?
When will the day come to become your hero?
The poor cry in need, The homeless starve
Am I lucky or unlucky?
People depend on me
Like Superman
A beautiful woman somewhere out there
Awaits for my rescue
My Kryptonite holds me down everyday
Except my Kryptonite isn’t in some far away place
Its within me
Carrying it wherever I go
I want to give up, I want to give in
There is just too much beauty in this world
Am I lucky or unlucky?
Its too early to tell
Sometimes we think its good luck
But later its hard
Other times its horrible
Yet it turns into something so great
Please gracious god, tell me
Am i lucky or unlucky?