My stomachs gurgling all day
It feels like one of those new blenders
Blendtec vs Vitamix?
Ah whatever
Vitamix sounds like its for old people
Like they are constipated and need a machine
To soothe their bowels
Blendtec hmmm
What does that sound like?
Sounds like Google
Trying to take over the blender industry
They’re taking over everything anyways
Alright so lets get to blending
What do I need to get rid of?
First let me throw in my taxes
Don’t really need those
Old love letters from my ex girlfriend
Sayonara suckers
Damn it while it was blending
I just saw the words ‘Sushi and Love’
What else do i need to get rid of?
Ideas, think damn it think
How about some broccoli?
I know they’re healthy Ive just never enjoyed them
Sweet potatoes!
You’re a genius
So much for that Vitamin A, beta carotene, blah blah blah
My insulin pen, never really liked diabetes
Acne creams? Yeah I’ve spent like $3000 dollars on those
I’m getting good at this
Let me call my Stephanie
‘Hey babe whats up?’
‘Why dont you call me anymore’
Hang up.
Throw that drama right in there.
And this stupid landline phone
Nobody uses this stuff anyways
If you need to call me I have an iphone.
Damn this shake is looking better by the minute
Ugh, I’m starting to feel anxious and depressed again
Good thing I’m doing something with my time
Keeping busy, that really is the best cure
Let me just throw that right in there
Gone baby gone. Man I feel good
Let me see how this shake turned out
Ahhhh, tastes like a Smile
Life is good.