She got me cruisin at 60, I told her lets take it slow
We goin too fast, Feelin like its Ramadan whoaa
Got no appetite but Im cleaning my body
You fresh as hell, but im allergic to hotties
Hit me with some benadryl, I got an allergic reaction
Got me swayed off my feet, I’m losing my traction
Heat up the pavement, got me molten like cement
Trust is hard, two faces like Harvey Dent
The only woman I can trust is my mama
She away from all the drama, makes me wanna call her
Im still callin you but keepin my distance
Everytime I wanna talk you never wanna listen
Things go wrong, you gotta make em right
Whats left for dinner, I see nothing in sight
Leave it to me, ill set it straight
Manuevering your love, baby thats checkmate
Im your King, wheres my Queen at?
Honey I be working overtime, ill show you my stats
Got rain pourin on me, may just came through
You can fool me once, but twice I got a clue
Love me more, you leavin me dry
Im soaked with pain, I gotta say