One of those rainy days just us
Laying on the couch and cuddling
Your soft lips on my right cheek
I can feel your breath on my neck
Whispering sweet little nothings
The sound of your breath a tornado
Devastating yet so resilient
Dangerous baby, dangerous
But I feel so safe as your arms wrap me
Like a blanket filled with egyptian cotton
A glimpse of your eyes, I get carried away
Floating into a black hole, you drive me crazy
Lost in space with you, what a feeling
We listen to the raindrops together
Drifting away in our own world of silence
The thunder and lightning flashes
A beautiful photo of us, two lovebirds
Laying on this couch, our soft leather love boat
How did such a beautiful woman end up in my arms?
Right time, right place, right person
This is the definition of a blessing or perhaps true luck
Your small ears remind me of a koala bear, I’ve never seen one
But you’re the closest thing to it
Truly blessed, not only because you’re mine
Because I’m yours
We share a world so free, so intimate
I lay my hand on your soft tummy
My imagination drifts away, i think of creation
The creation of this
Or rather, the creation of something great
Man is indeed ungrateful
but not today
You’re my better half