A fallen hero, carried by his comrades
To an unknown place
Arms bloodied, bones broken
The gates to his home destroyed
His palace ruined, his home in ashes
Wife and children, beaten and hung
Like serpents wrapped around tree branches
He opens his eyes, to a bright beautiful sky
The sun beaming into his eyes, he remains hopeful
This is certainly not the end, there is more to life
A breeze follows, a colorful butterfly lands on his chest
Reminded, that this life is but a past time
From the distance, war cries and chants draw closer
He pushes to raise himself up and take a look
But a comrade resists him and lays him back down
As the hero lay there and think
He reminds himself of mind over matter
The body exhausted, but the battle is not over
He takes off his wedding band, reminded of her
Slowly, his hands moves over his chest
His palm lay flat on his heart
Gripping the ring, he begins to cry
Reminded of his commitment, to his home and family
He whispers to himself, ‘For the glory of it all’
His face turns to the right
Strains of hair dangle over his right eye
Two fingers cross down over his eyelids
The curtains of his life close
He has finally found it