All my life I’ve searched for inner peace
Only to know it existed there all along
In my lost soul, concealed and forbidden
Like the story of Adam and Eve
Whatever is forbidden usually brings forth happiness
But man is a lost creature in himself
Anything that is lost can always be found again
Look a child lost in the words of a book
Carried away by the chapters, a boat so verbose
A twinkle in their eye, the chanting words
So melodious and hopeful
Look at all the treasures of the world
The ones that lay beneath the ocean floor
Their value so priceless yet they remain unattainable
What is all this treasure if it remain untouched?
Like that of a beautiful soul
It belongs to the one true creator
Trapped in the body of either a sinner or a saint
A saint carries on a heavy past
Yet a sinner looks to a light future
Both with different paths, separate views
Souls created from the same master
With the same opportunities for growth and achievement
One decides to be white, where as another chooses black
But this life is of grey matters
Unsettled matters, justice under served
But our souls remain patient
For the one above is in great observance