Wake up in the morning my minds all blurry
Hearts beatin fast like its in a hurry
But why do I always gotta worry?
Money on my mind, family in my heart
Its all the beginning of another beautiful start
As the days conquer me I feel like Im floating like a Bee
Muhammad Ali, inspires me
Tryna find the key, the one to this new chapter
I’m steady hustlin like im in jungle of velicoraptors
Eat life first before it defeats me
So many of us livin sedantary standing still like a tree
But trees have roots, they still part of this pandemonium
Seize the day, carpe diem
A ghost in the darkness
It lurks on you and steals what you hold dear
A smile is our only currency, fuck a jeer
Hope, Love, and Inspire
A last breath always expires
Once it finds home