Dreams and tragedy
When love finds peace we will live in prosperity
Give to others so you may find charity
Drink the potion of life, find clarity
Dont live a life of ill feeling let go of the hate
It only eats you up alive dont fail for their bait
Free your soul, free your spirit
Never let go of your ideals
Project your ideas, push out your concepts
Help the less fortunate cherish what you own
You didn’t earn all of this on your own, its known
God guided you but youve forgotten
Cleansing your soul of all that is rotten
He gives you what you need not what you want
Whether it be a career, family, or health
It is you who inspires others for wealth
Wealth in the mind, Keep it in your hand
Stay away from all the corruption, its your shadow
It keeps you astray, far from all that is spiritually inclined
The feelings are mutually underlined
A violent eruption, build a life fortification
Wings of Liberty unified under one nation
Freedom fighters, firefighters
Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers,
Writers and inspiration like Tom Sawyer
Mark Twain said Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority
it is time to pause and reflect
Lay there and ponder what are your defects
Our flaws are what help us prosper
Divide and conquer
Follow a dollar and a dream
Empires werent built in a couple months
Patience and go on a hunch
To be daring is to be bold
Keep striking till you one day strike gold
Do something everyday thats scary
Keep going through hell until you’re one day buried
Others will look back and realize you were a carry
You optimized your time were always feeling fine
Even when you were feeling blue
Do you realize what the fools will do to you?
Stay steady and flow, open a path open a door
Find your passion, inspire and turn it into your chore