Sometimes you jus got disappear and go rogue
Fuck the GQ and the Vogue
Its all about livin fo yoself
Find knowledge, betta than leavin the books on the shelf
Wastin time around yo enemies
Fillin yourself up with dramatics
Need space and a fresh mind, fuck the erratics
Too many bad memories to hold me back
Its like I aint got a spine, its misaligned I feel off track
The anxiety got me shakin
Cant sleep at night thinkin about my future
God doesnt give you more than you can bear
I endure it all, for the sake of Love
For the sake of my mama
Feels good to be away from all the drama

Feel the flow, one time just take it slow
Steady grind, slow and steady wins the race
Take a couple shots to the face
What doesnt kill you messes you up mentally
Im challenged, lifes got me crucified
Lucifers on my mind, tryna steal my time
Why cant it be like the young days?
When I had things my way
The Lord always answered me when i prayed
Now all I have is hope to hold onto
Faith and patience, no more feelin blue
I see you Lord, you always on my mind
Just tryna take it slow, one last time

Lost in a warp, underfire I aint gonna lose this fort
Its my fortress away from home, kneeling under the dome
Oh good lord, give me serenity make me humble
My minds been runnin around like im in a jumble
Callin my baby sister askin for advice
No more playin nice, this worlds a beast
Rippin me apart like pieces of glass in my head
Better off dying big than sedantary and dead
Free my mind, fly amongst the moon and the stars
Theres so many but they way too far
How miniscule they be, look at us human beings
Broken wings of liberty
What happened to just doing me?
Everybody wants me to do them
Im no longer a sheep, growin up to be a shepherd
Never, I make my own moves now
I wanna be renowned, carry the crown
Remember to do you, never give in
I dont play for fun i play to win