There are things in life that are going to make us suffer
But as time goes by you will realize that its only made you tougher
Pain is healing and when you become numb you will understand the feeling
To be numb is to be alive and only when you are lost do you know what its like to thrive
They say our biggest growth is when we are lost
In life you are either carrying or making a toss
The good lord doesnt burden a soul more than it can bear
Life wasnt meant to be easy nor fair
Within the hardships there are moments of ease
Ride through the storm and walk through hell like its a breeze
Laugh at the pain shatter its shadow
Walk through elysium like a stroll in the meadow
Never lose hope when the stars start to fade
The tree provides shade, the blossoming starts
Its hard to keep faith when you cant see the light
Remember the dawn always comes before the night