Leave me a comment damn girl wheres my post?
You left me when I needed you the most
Hangin dry, tumblin in the dryer
Been strong all my life aint never been a cryer
Just wanna grow up and be a Basha
be a true inspiration
Find comfort in my mind, spread the elation
Grew up a youth had to find my path
Exiled, I never understood the meaning of wrath
It was always a fight between wrath and mercy
My ill feelings towards god was always the curse of me
Fighting my devils day and night, looking for truesight
A visionary, always stationary
We werent meant to live this sedantary lifestyle
It was hard being sheltered, it turned me into a wild child
The drugs got to my head, a whirlwind of psychosis
Got me stripped away, but when one door closes the other one opens
Always wanted to grow up a warrior, one day be a true poet
When the right timing hits you either above it or below it
I may not be there yet but im closer than I was yesterday
Dont let go of what you believe because being cynical makes it all fade away
Inspire others, seek truth, stay away from the bullshit and the lies
One day you’ll look at your past and realize
How fast time time just flies by
No goodbyes, no testimonies
Airports have seen more hugs and kisses than wedding ceremonies
You dont appreciate something tills its gone
The hospital walls have heard more prayers than church halls
Appreciate the moments of silence
The one who controls his tongue can tame a violence
Love, Learn, and Listen
Aint no use in bitchin