I ask how shes been doing?
Replies back to me that its just fine
But i been tellin her shes been so blind
I hope you dont mind
Just wanna tell you whats on my mind
The floating clouds be in my sights
Lookin up at them from the city lights
Tracing my steps back to the good times
Dinner and the bell chimes
Lovely like my mamas got me on her mind
I ask her if shes been doing fine
She will always be on my mind
Unconditional love like a potion in the air
Curfews make me think that you do care
You are what your parents raise
My minds dancing like im in a haze
Whats this life all about now?
What happened to appreciating the night clouds?
We were lost but we are now found
This life is but a dream walk
Oh those nights when we would just talk
It wasnt always about making my girls bed rock
She been dancing in my dreams, dancing in my mind
My body aches its tied up in a tangle
Wish i could wrap you aroudn my heart like a bangle
Am i free yet or am i caged in this life forever
I want you back now you were my favorite treasure

Dont take your mom for granted
She never did anything wrong
Alway showed you how to love
Keep your heart at peace
A symbol of freedom like white doves
But where is the fuck is the love?
Feelin like im constantly buried
Divorced from my mind like I been married
I cant console myself cause I use my heart more than my mind
Why do we always gotta be so blind?
Why cant we appreciate the moment?
We so caught up in this world its just a dream
Look into my eyes, you see the gleam?
My fears, my tears, all comin from pain
I want to share it with you but im selfish
Cant let you in my circle we cant even be square
Its not easy to for my soul to share
We come from different backgrounds
Raised under different lights and sounds
Different mamas and papas but the same blood line
One day we will all get our time to shine