On my own its so pathetic
Tired of the pity its too sympathetic
My nervous system get me worried
Sometimes im anxious I feel like in front of a jury
My hope was to be a firefighter on duty
Save lives help others It aint all about the booty
When my pops passed it was like my world crashed down
The smile on my face got me wrinkled call me Mr. Frown
Time heals all but being patient aint easy
I wanna find love but when my hearts racin

Its like im squeezin, chasin and pushin for something I never had
Gettin along with her father and call him my dad
I’m so used to this live of livin alone
I wanna inspire before I expire, find my comfort zone
Share my dreams and desires with the world, go global
One day stand in front of the president, Feel noble
Maybe even win me a prize, find heaven in my heart
Like a box of surprise, run my own enterprise
I just cant find the time
All the anxiety and worries got my layin off track
Bed on the pillow daydreaming, all i wanna do is hit the sack
To inspire is to find love and feel fulfilled
Just thinkin about these words just give me the chills
Its a love hate thing, thats what this lifes about
We live in a merciless world, we are the water to the drought