Her eyes from, cross the room
My emotion beats for you like a drum beat
Makes my heart skip a beat
Fall down on the street, cry for help
Pick a book off the shelf, Find knowledge
Get inside your mind, Lose my eyes
True Lies only you made me realize
You know whats on my mind
But why you never giving me the time?
My only comfort is in your soul
Tryna kick it hard with you, field goal
Convert that 3 back into a 2
Just the both of us, Feel young again
The magic school bus

Get away from all the bullshit and drama
I’m not lookin for a baby mama dont even wanna girl
Want a lady, no need to be shady
Show you some class put away all that sass
I can speak from heart without being crass
Lets kick it one more time, for the good life
Raise a son, have us a couple babies
Theres a difference between a good mom and a good wife
Mama said it aint easy to find a good lady
She grew up in a different time, period
She had her moments too, hormones and such
Still always knew how to pack a good lunch
It was like we were one in the same
Thats the only thing now that I crave
Something unconditional, something real
Is that how you feel?
My hearts say yes but my mind says nah
Too little too late, you seen all my flaws
Its now or never, no ultimatum

Had her birthday on my calender
For some reason I couldn remember
It was like my mind was in a haze
Busy running round chasn tail, like a blaze
tsall a firestorm in my mind, my thoughts is cold
This all happened before but it feels different now
With my father gone, I gotta work to be my own Don
Raise my own family, thats why we’re here
To carry a Legacy
share the good memories
Pops always said life was about health, god and family
Three things that money cant buy
Time just flies by, live your youth before you’re ready to die
Finding a career, what a struggle
need the blessing of God
Gotta build up my confidence first, perfect the physique
dont need a  thumbs up or the approval, damn feeln schic
My soul is my temple I want you inside
Lay on the bed alone with you, together we confide
Share the time, maybe a rhyme
So much confusion, my fears are contusions
Abrasions scarring me like ink and a tattoo
Never needed to show it all off, its all a taboo
Have a reason for it all, thats why im shooting a rhyme
Look back and smile, this life is all just a rollercoaster ride

the highs
the lows
we jus tryna fin peace within our souls (withn our souls..Fade)