The music keeps my heart afloat
Ripples in my words like a boat
Im no joke ask the lord
I’m just bored, tired of everyones bullshit
Being genuine now isnt even legit
Humans live only with desire
No more inspiration, no more lit fires
Fires in my mind, extinguish my brain
This love train its just a pain
From the size of a grain to a gargantuan beast
Lets have a toast, lets throw a feast
For what? We are ungrateful
Selfish and impatient
So many tried to unite us all under one nation
But our minds be busy chasin
Things that dont carry real value
We raise hell for ourselves?
Knowledge is forgotten we thrown it all the shelf
Dusted away like a pan and broom
Nobodys got anymore room, nor time
This journey is long, enjoy the climb
My pops always said to have faith
God is merciful, hard to see like a wraith
You want to find him find yourself
Keep going if youre going through hell
As the bell tolls, life is random
Follow the rolls
Luck finds you when you work hard
You will understand why things happen
when youre full of shards
Life bombards, like a grenade
Peace will find you like a traveler under the shade.

Why am I so afraid?
I feel it inside like a culling blade
Pops said it was used to help or slice
Realizing that life
all about chances like you rolling the dice
My heart frozen
frozen in time,
my life was always on the line
we seek to find a piece of mind
I cant see the picture like before
Only thing I wanna do is walk out the backdoor
Walk out of this life, its all disaster
a jack of all trades, never masterd
Wanna find love wanna feel emotion
Get away from all the bullshit and the random commotion
Stay with my baby sister soak in her words
Not just her words but even her knowledge
Acnknowledge, the fact that we always been friends
In a place so dead end, we cant always pretend
Family is all that life has to offer
People out there just chew you up, spit you out
Leave you roaming for dead on the street
Only to bring you one step closer
To find your purpose your meaning
This life isnt about making it alone
It’s about peace of mind and find your zone
Your comfort zone is your only true salvation
Controlling your anger from all the aggravation
Find yourself so you can find the time
You on your way, enjoy the climb