From time to time sometimes I feel as if im losing my mind
Racing thoughts, hiding under the covers
Feelin undercover, too bad I never loved her
She made me feel alive but was so godamn blind
She never found the time, never appreciated a rhyme
Look into my eyes, what do you see love or fear?
I know you feel my tears, I cry for the world
I feel the torture and all the hate around the globe
You ever wear a silk robe? So much luxury
Nothing in life is free, even when you work for your own money
You still responsible on how its spent
The lord wants to know how you made use of your rent
Did you shade others or use it all for yourself?
Thousands of square feet, only for the elite
In islam, they say paradise lies under the mothers feet
She raised you now you wanna put her in a retirement home
This empire you call Rome was because of those who did the raising
Noone realizes the mistakes they are making
How every decision you make is a domino effect to everyone story
Its all so boring, why cant we just love and be adoring
You got a dream go and chase it, stop snoozing and snoring
This life is short you just gotta make the time
The first step to success was never a crime
Born into this world crying while others smilin
You want to die smiling while others are crying
Life is all about appreciating the moment
Dont give away your time to the vampires
Bask in the sunlight with the angels, extinguish that fire
Its a tar in the heart, a tar in the mind
Only those who are lost really know what its like to be blind.

You know what it feels like to have so much hurt?
Lock it up, throw away the key
Bail out a friend, I know what its like to be free
You’ll see me, sometimes above you sometimes below
When the curtains open up ill be ready for the show
Speaking about truth and the reality of loving
Stop the bullying, stop the shoving
Schools gettin shot up crazies to relieve their tension
They knew what it was like to be a nobody and be in suspension
They bringing back the fear to those who deserve it least
Untamed they run wild in the jungle of life like hungry beasts
Disasters not realizing the world theyre destroying
We are all one in the same, playing the same game
Trying to make it to the end
Only one way to see it through
Push others up when you down even when you feelin blue

Lets make a toast to the good life, one more verse
Live and let go, create a blessing let go of the curse
If im carried away in a hearse, i might as well remorse
For all the things that I done
I can justify it by saying it was all for fun
But i learned from my mistakes
Had my moments of checkmate
Sometimes I won, others time i lost
Sometimes I was carried others times i was tossed
Lets make a toast to the good life, one more verse
Live and Let go, create a blessing let go of the curse
For all the stupid things that I said and done
I can justify it all by saying it was all for fun
The cuss words and the crazy laughter
Its past memories, Ive moved on from that crazy chapter
Deliver my mind deliver my dreams
The spotlight hits when you stop playing for yourself
And take a hit for the team.