May the lord be with you

Because mama didnt raise no fool

Shoot to thrill, embrace your food

For others would kill

To have a bite of what you own

Wasting time everyday, getting stoned

Living a desolate life, alone

For what?

Most people dont make the cut

Many simply exist they don’t actually live

They forget to forgive

Charity is clarity

Whats important is true sincerity

Live a life of value, one of virtue

Motivation, one of true inspiration

Laying in the sea of fortitude and elation

What we do in life, echoes in eternity

We are but warriors, swords and shields

Our minds walking freely in elysium fields

This world a prison for this who believe in truth

A paradise for those who believe in materialism

Our thoughts create our own cataclysm

Tomorrow is hope, the brightest star

Home is not far

Merely within your mind

Hypocrites remain blind

Consumed by their lies and deceit

Spread goodness, its a devouring feat

One that carries on for generations

Truth and love causes abrasions and lacerations

To be hurt is to understand appreciation

Under one god, born as one nation

All sons of adam and eve

The more we fight the more we heave

Cleave, slaughter, and dismember

We are all beautiful regardless of age, color and gender

Hold hands, spark conversation, spread love

So we may all fly together

Purified like white angels and doves

To a place we imagine

A utopia so sublime

We are running out of time




Before we expire.