Still moving but im burning out

Cant see the light 

Everyday is a fight

Tired of waiting and hoping

This is a test? You must be joking

Its there dont ever lose faith

What am i fighting for?

To come back to who i was before

Resisting the pain feels like a chore

Baby, just help me get my mind right

Get a handle on my feelings

Help me control all of this, get me believing

This all cant be real

I reminisce, the smell of angel hair

the sound of words, an exotic voice

this was chosen, i wasnt given a choice

it was all about my glorious climb

We were doing just fine

Now im hanging by a twine passing the time

Give it some time

This too shall pass

A beauty will walk into life

One full of class, never crass

My wing, my shoulder

Toss the world upside like a boulder

This life is too cold

Live like a lion, brave and bold

Forever free, regal bravery

Trust me like Sinatra

The best is yet to come