Prayer is the light in my eyes
Like pearls hanging from a chandelier
Light shining down
Mirroring off a Kings golden crown
Feeling its beauty like an essence
Your presence all around me
My soul jumps with joy
Its happiness illuminates a smell
The jasmine rose, blooming
Its colors insignificant
Oh, but its a smell
Gardens of green grapes, golden peaches
Like the hands of midas carrying me
Honey, even your bees praise year round
Fig Trees sway with the wind
Oh Allah! And your blessings enumerate me
With my good deeds, my nostrils flair
The burning of sandalwood musk
Enlightenment beyond words
My imagination can only grasp the temporary
But you are the permanent, the absolute
You are the pearls and I am your diamond
Tested under pressure
The end product is most valuable
Oh but your pearls, how glorious
Even they make the sick and elderly smile
Bringing laughter and joy wider than the Sun
Illuminating throughout the land
As the rain nourishes the earth
Merciful like a mother to her child
Never withdraw your mercy for what we do?
We would graze like lost and confused sheep
The pearl in my eyes, the light of my soul
My soul cries for your love
My soul cries for your love
My soul cries for your love
Most gracious, most merciful