Allah If this hardship is a test let me pass it.
And if there’s a lesson I’m meant to learn, don’t let me miss it.
And if my heart must be broken, let me put it back together with pieces of Your love.
You are the giver, the most gracious most merciful.
If the whole world were to be against me and you remain with me
I would have the whole world in my palm.
But if you were away from me and the whole world remain distant
I would have nothing and be certainly lost
You are closer than my jugular vein
Only you are capable of mending my pain
I ask for your mercy and love
Your hardships are but a purification of my soul
Give me the wings I need so I can fly
To you we belong and to you we shall return
Help me find Jannah and keep me away from hell’s burn
You have given me so much in this life
So much that I don’t deserve yet I am ungrateful
If you may give me more give me that which I need
Not that which I want
For you know what is better for my soul
My heart burns for your grace like a coal
Give me strength
Give me Hope
Give me Faith
You are my night and day
Make me one of your faithful knights
So my heart my ride courageously in battle
And when the day turns into night
And the night turns into day
I may gaze upon your beauty
My face lit up like the moon
Eyes illuminating like the sun
My hair free like the clouds
Allah Please don’t let me go astray
Only you can show me the way