Oh Allah, show me the straight path

Lay upon me your mercy and not your wrath

At times I feel lost like a wraith in the night

My thoughts and heart are in a constant fight

Endow me with your blessings when the time is right

You have better plans for me than i have for myself

Your knowledge is most vast than the books on a shelf

But how do I understand myself?

Is it through patience or faith?

Sometimes I feel like all of this thinking is a waste

This confusion and loss has my heart weeping

No different than a violin that require a fine tune

Turn my fall into spring, my September into June

And I dont appreciate my mother as much as I should

But I am grateful to even have a mother, knock on wood

Paradise lies under the mothers feet

A baby’s cry can only be understood by a mothers heart beat

If I may cry, absorb my tear drops like my mother

These lonely drops don’t deserve to fall and suffer

But I know you will never burden my soul more than it can bear

Without knowing this I would even care

To remember charity and share

Verily, with hardship there is ease

Verily, with hardship there is ease

Your words engrained in my heart like pebbles in sand

Man is your greatest creation, not a piece of him of her is bland

But greed and pride is his fall

Like the leaves from a blossom tree

His will different, yet the angels remain free

Your angels live with purpose but no desire

We, but weak and servile servants

Our hearts on fire

But to live with purpose is to find peace

The definition of Islam is what sets it apart

A religion that calls for love and good character

Ah, but good character! The heaviest deed on the scales

May I carry this attribute through the hardest of my days

Whether through hardship or ease I shall pray

For I do not know which is better for me

Me, only a small blossom of your Majestic tree