Lost in a forest of dreams

Surrounded by green trees and liliacs

But my lord, where do i go?

Everything seems so dark around me

Even my fellow companions are lost

Lost in time, thoughts, and emotions

My tears conquer me

Pupils like nero’s fire

It burns my eyes like that of a fiery soul

Father tells me to keep on moving

To follow where my heart tells me

Yet, he is with you

Which is where I long to be

But how can I follow this heart  it when it is irrational?

I admit I do not know the answers

But neither they do

They are just as misguided

Where does a man go?

What does he do?

You are in control of my destiny

Yet I have free will

Tie your camel but trust in you

So many steps yet so much dark

When will the daylight come?

When will the daylight come?

If only the power of my heart could be discovered

It would light the skies the length of Angel Gabriels wings

Powerful enough to save those lost in the flood

Turn this darkness into light if you may

Give strength to my companions and me

So we may share our talents with the world

These scars you have laid upon me are reminders

Mistakes, flaws, insecurities

They can not be understood now

I believe it is ok not to have all of the answers

But I firmly believe these answers will come at the right time

Until the time, guide me

You are one and only

If I were to have the whole world and not you

This darkness would be incomprehensible

But if you were to remain by my side

This forest of dreams would be full of envy

Then again, everything belongs to you and only you

So do with me what you will

Although I remain blind and lost

My heart faces in your direction

Wherever that may be