The world a prison for the believers

And a paradise for those who value nothing true

Living like animals everyday of their lives

Sleeping, eating, fornicating like dogs

They carry no real purpose but to merely exist

But to have purpose, oh how splendid

How do you spend it?

How love can create miracles

Its energy so infinite

The most powerful of men could not stop it

Nor evade, its mere existence

It creates a purpose

Bringing back the values of those before us

The angels on our sides carry purpose

To record our good and bad deeds

One whispers to the other that there is still hope

While the other remains quiet

Ashamed and disappointed

The shamed one thinks to himself

How such a beautiful creation can fall into such darkness

He is given everything, yet everyday he remain ungrateful

The angels expectations remain high of the human beings purpose

For all the know is to serve the one and only

The most gracious, most merciful

Praying to him day and night

Not for giving them wings but for allowing them to stand in his presence

Light upon light

His color shines through their goodness

Love is the light

If you may seek purpose

If you remain empty

If you feel lost

Look to love

Start where it is hardest to begin

You exist like that of a shining star

But can only be appreciated by your mother

The moon, a giant pearl in the nightsky

And one may ask what about the father?

He is of as much relevance but the mother takes precedence

She held you in her womb as she depleted herself for your sake

The Moon warms the lit stars at night when it is darkest

But the father is but a guide

A giant star, like that of a compass

The Captain who understands which way to sail the ship

Follow his command and show respect in his name

But more importantly remember love

For if it fades, you are but a dying star

Lost in a black hole of ignorance

Love is the light

If you may seek purpose

If you remain empty

If you feel lost

Look to love

It will guide you amongst the other stars

Who are also looking to find their shine