The Knights of wrath charged slowly into battle with their swords raised up high to the sky. Zealous and strong, they were ready to die as their wings of pride lifted high. An arrow hits one of the brave warriors in the heart. He feels the pain of battle, his wound starts. He was chosen amongst the rest. His soul falls down to the floor as does his warhorse. An angel appears before him and asks,  “Why have you fallen?” He replies, “My lord has created me weak” The angel responds, “You were created weak but you shall die in a state of strength”. A smile appear on his face as the blood slowly seeps out from his heart. “I have suffered so much in this life but I learned so much about myself.” The angel laughed, “What have you learned?” The brave warrior replied, “That I am full of virtue and goodness and I have known this since I was born. Yet I have not appreciated until this very moment.There is nothing more noble than to charge into battle in the name of your lord.” And so the angel responded, “You are better than me. For you were created with both purpose and desire. For I was only created to serve. When I was sitting at the Angels roundtable we had this very conversation. But I will continue this conversation with you when we meet again.” The brave warrior clutched his sword and slowly started to put it into his sheath during his last dying breaths. He held it with both hands as he looked directly into the angels eyes. The angel whispered, “let go of this world for it is a past time, greater good lies ahead of you.” The warrior responded, “I am not ready I have too much here that I have worked for. What about my family, and my home, and my fellow men. They will be lost without me. I am but flesh and blood. The angel whispered, “have you learned nothing from your lord? Everything you have built in this life and worked towards does not belong to you. It belongs to him.” The sun lit his face up like a million moons in a cave. His eyes started to close. His soul began onto its new journey towards the next life.