There exist three words lost beneath the ocean floor

If you knew their strength they can open any door

Istghfarallah for the past

Know that your hardships will not always last

Alhumdulillah for the present

Whatever you have lost and gained is written and meant

Inshallah for the future

What you do tommorow will be your suture

Allah has already written your decree

So there is no need to worry

The pen has been lifted and the ink had dried

If your story was over you would have already died

Hold on to your values and to your deen

Stay away from the corrupt and the obscene

Do you even know what these words even mean?

La illaha illa Allah, he is one and only

Remember him and you will never be lonely

Fall so deeply in love with him that you may fall for ‘the one’

Enjoin together and compromise, souls woven and spun

Your hardships are a test of your pride

This life is but a roller coaster ride

Theres ups and downs, twists and turns

The most massive souls are seared with scars and burns

Verily, To him we belong and to him we shall return